Stop Daydreaming!

Stop Daydreaming!Two questions I received on how to make dreams come true, and the spiritual meaning of teeth and hair:

Question: Why is it that when you really wish for something, to the point that you daydream about it all day, then it’s bound not to come true? Does this mean that if you really want something, it’s better not to daydream about it?

My Answer: If your dreams coincide with the Creator’s plan, then they will definitely come true. This is why Kabbalah suggests that instead of daydreaming, you should start coinciding.

Question: At one of your lessons you promised to explain why we are born without teeth and hair, and also why we have very little teeth and hair when we grow old.

My Answer: It’s because teeth are a sign of growing up and being able to process food, similar to grindstones that process grain to make flour. Teeth symbolize one’s ability to discern which desires and Lights can be used for spiritual growth.

The Hebrew word for hair is Searot, which comes from the word Soer – one with a burning desire. Hair is a sign of additional desires, which disappear in old age, and hence a person in our world gets bald when he grows old. This was beautifully described by a great Kabbalist named Ramchal in the book Adir BaMaarom.

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