Moses Decreed That Kabbalah Must Be Taught for Free

Moses Decreed That Kabbalah Has to Be Taught for FreeThree questions I received on dissemination:

Question: Maybe we should open a Kabbalah group on Facebook? It could be a good way to answer people’s questions.

My Answer: We encourage all of your ideas. Get in touch with us in order to coordinate your dissemination work with us. This will help you advance faster. We look forward to hearing from you and good luck!

Question: I live in a non-religious neighborhood that publishes a monthly digest where I can publish articles. I would like to publish your articles and articles by Baal HaSulam. What materials are best to publish in my environment?

My Answer: You should get in touch with us and we will explain everything to you. In addition, we can provide you with materials that are ready for publishing and are best suited for your environment, or we can help you present your own thoughts correctly.

Question: Can a person study and teach others with the aim of making Kabbalah be a source of income? Can he harm his students by doing this?

My Answer: It’s written that one may never take money or any other benefits in return for teaching the Torah, and especially for Kabbalah! This should not be done under any circumstances. One also cannot sell anything related to Kabbalah, with the exception of books (educational aids). In addition, one cannot engage in fortune telling or promise luck, health recovery and other miracles – and taking money for this is double fraud.

This law comes to us from Moses, who set up a decree based on the system of the Upper Forces, that Kabbalah has to be taught to the people by the Levites for free. The tithe that the students pay should be used only for Kabbalah dissemination, that is to say, for the correction of the world – this was also decreed by Moses.

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  1. My name is Marcelo Libeskind, I joined a Kabbalah course in São Paulo – Brazil. After few weeks there was a class whose topic was Tithe. I felt very bad, tithing is something that reminds me of cults… exploitation. I would like to know if tithing is written in the Zohar and/or in the Torah. Am I supposed to give 10% of my monthly income to leave the other 90% of my money “free of chaos”?

  2. Dear Sir, Thank you for your guidance, my family thanks you, our tithe will go to your organisation when we can afford it.

  3. Okay, on tithe which is a form of tzedakah, yes, we pay tithe. This is the Lord’s money. Whether it is used properly by the religious leaders is on their backs. It is intended to be pooled together for the poor and those who have need because of unforseen emergencies and to support the levite priests who were not allowed to have an inheritance in the land because their inheritance was in the Lord. Sometimes my tzedakah goes to a temple, sometimes to an organization and sometimes to little old ladies in front of me who can’t seem to come up with enough money for their groceries. That is what shows God that you care about the world community, and how we show each other we care, too. At least this is how I aways understood it.

  4. well people can’t agree on new or old testament. the truth is hidden. knowledge of our creator and his plan is being revealed. as far as tithes go well it is one of the laws. they have been around for a long time. it is sort of cut and dry. but you should tihe to ones spreading the truth. get the bible or torah read it. dont follow someones interpretation. read it pray with loving heart for understanding of the true word. i think the zohar is not a good learners manual

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