It Takes Time, Effort and Experience to Reveal the Upper World

It Takes Time, Effort and Experience to Reveal the Upper WorldThree questions I received on dealing with fears and doubts on the path to revealing the Upper World:

Question: I have been drawn to Kabbalah for the last two years. My problem is that although I read the books you recommend and try to study, I seem to get no understanding. I worry that the Creator hasn’t opened my point in the heart. Also, when I feel as though something real might be taking place in me, some external influence takes my attention from my studies. Does this mean that this isn’t my time for drawing nearer to the Creator?

My Answer: No. You just need to:

  1. Accumulate inside you the desire for the correct goal.
  2. Realize that you cannot correct yourself – only the Light can correct you in accordance with the goal.

This is the only way to reveal the Upper World. It takes time and a certain amount of effort and experience. Concerning the efforts, it is written that you have to be “As an ox to the burden and as a donkey to the load,” and “Know that it’s not up to you to complete this work, but you are also not free to leave it.”

If you accept these conditions for changing your nature, then you will attain the goal. You will reveal the Upper World inside the property of bestowal, and then you’ll discover that our entire world is but a small, insignificant dimension.

Question: Is crossing the Machsom the most difficult part in the spiritual ascent? Once you cross over, is the process accelerated?

My Answer: Yes, it is accelerated by many times, and this happens clearly in your perception and awareness.

Question: Rav, I’ve read that as one studies Kabbalah, he is shown his egoistic side and that as the Creator wants someone to advance, His blows against him are harder and harder.

In the past few months, my “luck” (for lack of a better term) has gotten much worse. What is the Creator telling me? That I am not putting enough effort into Kabbalah? I feel beaten down. My only consolation is that maybe, just maybe, this is the precursor to the Creator correcting my egoism. But what if I’m wrong? I think we are all here studying Kabbalah because of the promise of the reward, but am I doing something wrong to be on such a path of pain while trying to reach the goal of correction?

My Answer: You must read the Shamati articles immediately. Precisely your current state will help you understand what the Creator wants from you.

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  1. Dearest Rav,

    I’ve been studying Kabbalah since the beginners’ course started last January, I have noticed since last month though, that I’ve become more emotionless than before, but at the same time more tactful towards people. I feel fine, very fine overall indeed, though I wonder if this is a self-deceiving attitude? I suppose the hardest part is when “others” around expect me to react in a similar way about “tragedies of life” as they do, which I consider impossible to do.
    Of course, regarding my sense of wellbeing, is all good, but just lately I’ve been experiencing what could be said to be “the dark night of the soul”? Well, more specifically…confusion, and spiritually aimless, sometimes I even wonder about my own sanity…Advise please!

  2. Dear Rav,

    I know you say to do our external chores, and taking care of our responsabilities first(as a wife, and as a mother), and that then after that we dedicate any free time to the study of Kabbalah.

    Well, what if I feel more like studying Kabbalah, and in any free time from it, and once inspired by it I do my chores? Perhaps my egoism is trying to devour everything on his path? Would you enlighten me please?

    Do not get me wrong, I do what is absolutely necessary to keep my home, and family functioning(cooking, cleaning, etc), including my expressions of love. Somehow though, I feel I rather be studying, and that I should start working on dissemination inmediately(and is precisely there and then, when the confusion sets in). Help please.

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