Thou Shalt Not Steal (a Commandment)

Thou Shalt Not Steal (a Commandment)A question I received: Last week, on Israeli journalist Yoav Itzhak’s website, the NFC reported that there is new information about the testimony of businessman Morris (Moshe) Talansky, who supposedly lent money to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Talansky said that a person who has a $50,000 Rolex will not ask to borrow $5,000. He also added that Olmert has “claimed ownership of a pen” worth $15,000, which was supposed to be sold in order for the proceeds to be donated to charity. Talansky asked one of the investigators: “Have you seen Olmert’s ties? What about his cigars? Or his pen collection?” Tomorrow, the transcripts of Morris Talansky’s interrogation will be submitted to court. What is your opinion of all this, as a Kabbalist?

My Answer: It’s nothing special. The only people who aren’t thieves are those who:
1. Do not have a desire (their egoism hasn’t yet developed, and they’re like children who are only interested in a limited range of things),
2. Are ideologically minded (for example, revolutionaries, terrorists, those who are consumed by an idea that suppresses their desire for wealth, i.e. people who place fame or power over wealth, and don’t use those ideas as a means to attain all of these together),
3. Are Kabbalists, that is, those who have acquired a Masach (screen) – the force and knowledge of how to use their enormous egoism correctly.

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