Great Kabbalists and the Disclosure of Kabbalah

Great Kabbalists and the Disclosure of KabbalahA question I received: Thank you very much for answering my questions and the questions of the visitor’s of your blog. Many things are becoming clear, but for some reason, more and more questions keep arising within me. Do you think that the books of Abulafia, Cordovero, Luzzatto, and others were written in the Kabbalistic language? Have they progressed Kabbalah with their attainments? Maybe they didn’t even know that they were Kabbalists?

My Answer: They were great Kabbalists, and one can only dream of becoming like them! However, if you read Baal HaSulam’s explanations about Kabbalah’s disclosure, you will understand that there were great Kabbalists that received no permission to disclose Kabbalah, and there were Kabbalists who were much smaller than them, but whose souls came from the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light), which gave them the opportunity to disclose Kabbalah. Accordingly, we choose the nearest source to us who was permitted to disclose Kabbalah – Baal HaSulam – and we base our studies on him. Once we study his works, then we can also start understanding the other Kabbalists properly.

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