Evolution of Man – We Were All Monkeys in the Past

Evolution of Man - We Were All Monkeys in the PastA question I received: How did man evolve on Earth? You wrote that millions of years ago a primitive man appeared on Earth. How did he get here?

My Answer: Well, he obviously wasn’t put together with clay. His mommy and daddy gave birth to him just like our mommy and daddy gave birth to us – the same as how all animals’ parents give birth to their offspring. So what’s the difference between this first man and his parents? The difference lies in the Reshimo (spiritual gene) that appeared within him, the characteristic of our world’s final, egoistic stage.

The Reshimo of the still, vegetative, animate and human natures (also called “the four degrees of HaVaYaH”) is the template according to which everything evolves. Darwin, as well as every other theorist, is mistaken in thinking that a following, higher phase can evolve from a phase that preceded it. It’s simply impossible to evolve in such a way.

However, as a result of the souls’ decent into our world, there exists information (Reshimo) about the following phase in the last link of the preceding phase. As such, it only takes one generation for monkeys to beget people.

The first people are pretty much indistinguishable from their parents. However, they gradually evolve over the generations according to what their human nature dictates to them. They thus separate from monkeys and become more and more evolved human beings. The Reshimo within them progressively continues to manifest new signs of evolution and unity, starting to make them experience more and more suffering on the human level. As a result, they become evolved human beings.

Everything is initiated by the Reshimo – the informational gene – and not by the evolution of blind nature, as Darwin thought.


  1. Hello Rabbi Laitman, if as you say humans were able to separate from monkeys and continued to evolve into present day humankind, why are there still monkeys? Did only a limited number of the pre-humans receive the Reshimo? Thanks, Sally 

  2. Does the same explanation applies to the evolution of an individual person to the level of maturity, mastery and light that he can hold and necessarily solving all his lessons along the way?

  3. if we were monkies in the past
    then who create the monkies
    im jst not sure what to beleavv in evolution or religion

  4. Where did monkeys come from,and if monkeys and apes are the closest to us then why do they still live in trees why not live like we do,in houses?

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