Kabbalah Is for the Whole World

Kabbalah Is for the Whole WorldA question I received: Why do you reveal all of this secret knowledge to gentiles?

My Answer: I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the original sources: Baal HaSulam’s articles “Messiah’s Horn” and “The Arvut.”

A mutual guarantee (Arvut) among a single nation is capable of initiating the correction of the whole world. Likewise, all nations are incapable of carrying out this correction simultaneously. It is as the sages said: The Creator offered the Torah to all nations (through Abraham in ancient Babylon), but they declined the offer, because the magnitude of their egoism, their self-love, made it impossible for them to accept it.

Thus, Abraham created a group of Babylonians (people with desires for spirituality) who were ready and willing to renounce their egoism, and this group became known as the nation of Israel. The only difference between the Babylonians in this group and other Babylonians of that era was that Abraham’s group accepted upon themselves the method of rising above their egoism. Moreover, Abraham, who was a Babylonian priest, became the first Kabbalist. Therefore, by accepting upon themselves the required guarantee (Arvut), the nation of Israel was obligated to be the chosen people among all other nations.

In any case, the correction of the whole world will take place when all nations unite in their aspiration toward the Creator, and the Creator will reveal Himself to all nations. It is as it is written: “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Creator, and all of the nations will flock to Him.” As such, the nation of Israel holds the responsibility for leading humanity to love for thy neighbor, and ultimately, to the goal of creation, which is to merge with the Creator.

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  1. We are studying Kabbalah and also in the process of conversion.  And we have a lot of doubts.   We feel that part of the process of spiritual growing is Torah.    We read in the Zohar that there different types of convertions.    Can I gentile soul become into a jewish soul?     Many thanks, Soledad from Chile

  2. Very good and informative answer that Rav Michael Laitman gave. We are very thankful to him and grateful for revealing Kabbalah to the whole World.

  3. Soledad, the reply to your question is in the answer Rav Michael Laitman gave to the question above. Read it again carefully! There are only Kabbalists and non-Kabbalists. You conversion should only  be  to Kabbalah.

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