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Initial Movement Toward The Creator

283.02Zohar for All, VaYikra, Item 80: When he reached her, he saw that she was lying in the dust. Who saw the glory of the queen at that time, and the king’s requests of her?

The queen lies unconscious, unable to do anything with herself. This is the recognition of complete separation from the source. Somehow, she must find at least a little strength in herself to reach out to the king. Even not the strength, not the desire, but the initial movement. The king will add everything else.

All of us, while being in such a terrible, lost, powerless, dark, full of confusion state, must find a small movement toward the Creator. Then His revelation will bring us new strength, new understanding, and open the path for the light.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #14

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Rise From The Dust

236.01Zohar for All, VaYikra, Item 80: Who saw the glory of the queen at that time, and the king’s requests of her? Finally, the king held her in his arms, raised her, and brought her to his palace. And he swore to her that he would never part from her again and will never be far from her.

The queen is the gathering of all souls. Take both hands, that is, for the right and left lines, for the egoistic and altruistic qualities, for everything that is in our souls.

Question: To do this, we need to be brought to the state of dust?

Answer: Certainly! Only then will we match the greatness of the Creator when we can become His partner. Because the difference in the states of complete connection with Him and complete disconnection from Him is necessary and must remain in us. In it, we will feel all His qualities, all His power, and they will become ours.

Question: Do people need to learn that it is necessary to reach the state of “in the dust” in order to reveal the upper force?

Answer: It’s not up to us. They may or may not know, but we will come to it anyway.

Comment: It sounds pessimistic.

My Response: Not at all. If I know in advance that a state of disconnection will soon arise in me, and I will feel bad, but this state is good and, having experienced it, I will rise to the best, to light, infinity, eternity, perfection, and harmony, then it will be a pleasure for me.

Question: When in the dust, do I understand what is happening to me?

Answer: If you prepare for it, then yes. To do this, you need to read Kabbalistic books. They contain everything necessary for preparation.

The fact is that we are not one person who is in front of the Creator. We are deliberately separated and are in different states. Therefore, by properly supporting each other, we can connect our minds and feelings in such a way, even before the physical fall, by realizing this fall in advance, that we will not need it at all.

We are not required to physically be in a state of complete powerlessness and decomposition. It is enough to realize and feel it internally. That is, now as a normal person in this life, I can call upon myself such a manifestation of the Creator that will give me the maximum distance from Him. Therefore, two worlds were created: the spiritual and the material.

We exist in a body, in some physical volume that does not change. Nothing happens to it, so that in our souls we can feel the lowest possible state, distance from the Creator, and lead an ordinary life, not lying physically in the dust and lowering ourselves to a comatose state, but mentally, with understanding, we realize this within ourselves. And then normally, reasonably, sensibly feeling, knowing and measuring everything, we will begin to rise from this state.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #14

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To See Everything In The Light Of The Creator

608.02Zohar for All, VaYetze, Item 15: “This is the breaking of the wind, as it is written, “Vanity and striving after wind.” However, the work of the Creator raises the light above the sun, extending the light from below upwards, from the sun and above, not from the sun and below.”

Instead of receiving, you aim for bestowal.

The fact is that if you want to draw the light for yourself and it enters you, then it is not the good light, it is the direct light. However, if you aim for bestowal, then the reflected light appears in you, which allows you to see everything around you. By emitting light from yourself, by becoming similar to it, you become like a source, a projector, and in this light you see everything.

Question: I have heard that there is light coming from the eyes. Is it possible?

Answer: If someone is looking at you, of course, you feel it. But it is not the light of the eyes. Basically, it is a thought. This is how our thoughts connect.

There is nothing special about the eye. It is a simple, primitive device. What is there? Everything happens inside: desires, thoughts, and intentions expressed through our external organs are strongly felt by us.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #13

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Five Parts Of Nature: The Root And Its Effects

548.03Comment: Rabbi Nachman wrote that he had a dream as if he had entered a cave where there were many different books. When he began to open them, they all opened in the same place and spoke about the same thing.

My Response: So it is, they all speak only about how to return to the state of spiritual fusion, union, ascent. In principle, all the primary sources are written for our time. We are now in the last, fourth exile from spirituality, and from it, we must come to complete unity with the King, with the Creator.

Question: But if all the primary sources say the same thing, why are there so many different books?

Answer: Because, first of all, there are four primary languages.

In our body, everything consists of five parts (the root and its four effects): five parts of the lungs, five parts of the mouth, five senses, five fingers on the hand, and so on.

The fact is that the light that builds the soul for itself is its root system, the so-called crown, the root. From the root come four stages, four emanations of the light that builds desire for itself. Only the last, fourth stage is the true desire that wants to rise to the light, to be the same as the light.

Thus, everything in nature is created in five stages, and therefore we have four types of language, that is, four types of perception of light by the creation.

In addition, there are four types of creation itself: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human.

Kabbalah describes all the stages of our change, i.e., climbing the 125 stages of the five worlds, the last of which is the root one.

In each world, there are five so-called Partzufim (great stages), each of which is subdivided into five more sub-stages—Sefirot. It comes out to 225 steps. All of them turn into one single comprehension of the Creator, called “His unchangeable indelible four-letter name.”

The four-letter name of the Creator includes the outgoing root (point) and the four letters that represent this point. That is, in the form of these five representations of Him, five manifestations, we feel Him.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #14

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The Double Effect Of The Book Of Zohar

567.04The Book of Zohar has a double effect.

First, if we want to develop and read it patiently, systematically, under certain conditions, with the intention of developing, then through it, through studying it, a special developing force descends upon us.

Second, to the extent of our development, each time we will feel and understand more of what is written in The Book at the level that we reach.

The Book itself covers all spiritual layers to the very end. You can read it as long as it takes for you to reach your full spiritual elevation.

Question: Do we need it after that?

Answer: After that, you will already know everything, you will understand everything, you can do everything.

It means that you can read The Book of Zohar for a hundred years without any advancement, without receiving anything. Or, you can read it in such a way that within five to ten years it will elevate you to its final degree.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #14

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The War Of Gog And Magog, Part 6

258Give Israel an Opportunity to Prove Itself

Question: According to The Book of Zohar, all the kings that persecuted Jews throughout history, such as Sennacherib, Nebuchadnezzar and others, will take part in the war of “Gog and Magog.” How do we understand this correctly?

Answer: All ideologies, even those that once ruled in this world and then failed, will rise against Israel again and again in order to enable Israel, the middle line, the power of interconnection, love, and unity, and direction to the Creator, to demonstrate itself.

Comment: In The Book of Zohar it is written that in the future the Creator will resurrect all the kings that oppressed Israel and Jerusalem: “He will give them power, and they will gather the rest of the nations in themselves, and will fight against Jerusalem. And the Creator will openly reward them near Jerusalem in the future, as it is written: “This will be the defeat with which the Creator will smite all the nations that fought against Jerusalem.”

My Response: The Book of Zohar allegorically describes all spiritual actions. It is clear that it does not imply any connection to reality, to bodies, places, wars, and forces. All this is 99% resolved only in the spiritual world.

And in our world, there is only some kind of shadow of this, a small insignificant copy, completely invisible to our eyes. This manifests itself, for example, in the form of some kind of a small conflict between peoples, between countries, so that they reveal this basis a little, and then come to the common denominator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/30/21

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To Connect Two Worlds In Yourself

631.1Question: It is written in The Book of Zohar that in the Cave of the Patriarchs, Me’arat Hamachpelah, “me’arat,” translated from Hebrew means a cave, there is an entrance to Gan Eden (Garden of Eden). What does it mean?

Answer: The Cave of the Patriarchs symbolizes the connection of Bina and Malchut. Malchut is a quality of our world. Bina is a quality of the upper world.

And Me’arat Hamachpelah is a state a person goes through by combining our world and the upper world and begins to reveal what exists in the upper world in some specific qualities, not completely as it was the case with our forefathers.

Comment: It turns out that all the stories, in both The Book of Zohar and the Torah, come down to the fact that Malchut and Bina are the qualities of receiving and bestowing. It’s like taking our world, which is made of carbon and hydrogen and the connections between them.

My Response: Yes. Plus—minus, together form everything.

Receiving and bestowing are two main opposite qualities of nature. The quality of the Creator (bestowal) is a positive force and the quality of creation (receiving), which He created specifically so that the opposite of Him would exist, a negative force. And on the concurrence, fusion, symbiosis, of these two qualities, all matter exists.

As in mathematics, there is a zero and something different from it, only two qualities and from this state you can build any science.

Question: That is, everything that is described here, you just have to feel it? Otherwise, it will remain in you either as a story or just a dry explanation—Bina, Malchut and that’s it?

Answer: No. It is not just a dry explanation. After all, the quality of bestowal does exist, it is fundamental, the only one that exists in the entire universe, in all the worlds. And besides it, the quality of receiving appears, in something opposite from it.

The quality of bestowal develops the quality opposite to itself, the quality of receiving, and thus creates all the worlds relative to itself until the state when they become similar while remaining opposite to each other.

Everything that exists consists of this. And a person has to find two worlds, equalize, and unite them in himself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/23/21

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“The Sun Rises And The Sun Sets”

921Zohar for All, VaYetze, 15: The reason that the book begins with the words, “The sun rises and the sun sets” is that it is the Hevel that sustains the world, to bring man into the high faith of the Creator.

All this we need to translate into Kabbalistic language. “The sun rises, and the sun sets” speaks about the fact that the upper light shines upon a person, and by its rising and setting, by its alternating influence, it causes the appearance of new desires in a person.

“The sun rises” means that I begin to desire something, the light causes a certain excitement in me. When it disappears, I am left with an empty desire. This is the best condition: I begin to yearn for the light that I have felt and do not know how to reach it. Here a person has the opportunity of freewill: to yearn by himself to be similar to the light.

Now the light will not come to me by itself. It showed me some good condition and disappeared. What to do? I cannot live without it anymore.

Then I come to the conclusion, through a very long path of suffering (or through Kabbalah very concisely and quickly), that I myself need to be like the light. There is no need to wait for it to come and fill me up. It will not come again! It just showed me an example of how I can be happy, eternal, and perfect. Now I have to reach this state by myself. It is possible.

It already depends on me. I do not need to wait for mercy from nature, from the Creator.

Kabbalah only says that after I have received the light or felt the emptiness that we feel in the world today, I can still come to fulfillment.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #13

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You Will Still Have To Learn

251The Book of Zohar: However, although these seven holy Havalim are the sustenance of the world, opposite them are seven Havalim from which all the Dinim [judgments] in the world come out and spread to punish people and to correct them so they will walk on the right path.

To punish people means that a person sees disappointment, failures, illnesses, and everything else, and this corrects him, with a stick to happiness, as they say.

Of course, this is not the best way out of all our foolish states. But if we do not want to learn to be good children, then we are punished so that we still go forward. What can be done? We will still have to learn. We have no other choice.

Comment: The fact is that I really want to learn, but I want to learn correctly.

My Response: That is right. Even in the field of dissemination of the Kabbalah itself, there are a lot of problems, it still needs to be adapted to the world, to people, to be translated into many languages, to bring it closer to women, children, and the elderly, to present it correctly, depending on the mood of the person, on his specialty, on his qualities.

That is, to adapt it as much as possible to everyone so that everyone sees: “Oh! This book talks about me! It talks about how I can change myself a little bit and everything will be fine right away.”
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #13

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The Attainment Called A Cave

276.02Zohar for All, Chayei Sarah, item 105: When Abraham entered the cave for the first time, he saw a light there, the dust was thrown before him, and two graves were revealed to him. Then a man of his form stood up from his grave, and saw Abraham and laughed. With that, Abraham knew that he was destined to be buried there.

Question: What is the book talking about here? What does it mean “Two graves were revealed to him”? Why was there a need to describe all this in such a way?

Answer: How else can it be described? A person sees that by working on himself and acquiring properties of equivalence of form with the Creator he will be able to reach a state where he will transform himself into the property of bestowal and love and his current egoism will become opposite to its present state.

Then he, with all his corrected properties—since nothing uncorrected will remain in him—will fully exist in the upper world. This is what he discovers in the cave.

The Book of Zohar speaks of this allegorically. It speaks about the attainment called a cave.

Question: Does it mean that he saw Adam, from the word “Domeh”(similar), and was happy that he would become like him, similar to the Creator?

Answer: That is right. He attained his root and saw that it is in the common root of all existing ones because Adam is our common spiritual ancestor.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/23/21

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