The Desire For The Creator Is The Sum Of Common Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the significance of the group in forming the desire that can reveal the Tabernacle?

Answer: A person does not have any desires aimed at the Creator! I cannot independently aspire to the Creator. This cannot be! The Creator is among the particular souls, among the particular desires of society. “I dwell among My people.” These are not just pretty words. The Creator is the net of connection between us and that is where I have to look for Him.

If I look for a desire that I have to correct, then I have to aspire toward you, see how much I hate and repel you, how much I don’t care about you, and then I reveal the evil, the evil desire—how much I don’t accept you. I see the breaking: the souls between which the connection is destroyed.

If I reveal this with the help of the teacher, books, and environment, if I regret the fact that I am not connected with others “as one man with one heart,” in mutual guarantee and total unity, then this regret is called MAN: a prayer or request. I ask for “Mey Nukvin”: the female waters, the force of Bina, bestowal, unification. Then the MAN ascends into Malchut, from Malchut through Zeir Anpin into Bina, and into the world of Infinity.

It’s impossible for me to correct something and to sacrifice something of my own unless it is aimed toward the neighbor, toward the environment in which I exist. That is where realization takes place. That is where the place of our work is. That is why the place for the Tabernacle and the Temple, the Menorah, and the table, the way they are placed in relation to one another, in what form, at what height and width, are all indications of our common Kli that is called the soul. Besides this Kli there is nothing! The soul is the combination of our desires, and the right depiction of these desires, particular souls, is called the courtyard, the Tabernacle, the Tent. All of this is common to all of us and exists among us or inside of us.

Question: Do the forms of the Tabernacle change depending on the level that the soul is on? Will different people in the group see different forms of it?

Answer: They will see it more or less clearly, with a different degree of resolution and clarity, like viewing with glasses or without. Every person will see it slightly differently, according to his level, his form, and the special qualities of the soul, but at the same time everyone will see the same thing and will be able to talk about the same thing.
From the lesson on the weekly Torah portion on 2/4/11

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