Rosh HaShanah—Adam’s Birthday

744All the nations of the world celebrate the New Year as an ordinary corporeal holiday, and only the Jews have a special celebration as we celebrate the creation of Adam. This is a very significant date.

Five days before the New Year (Rosh HaShanah), the creation of the world took place, and on New Year’s Day, at the fifth hour of Friday, Adam was created.

All the red dates of the Jewish calendar are dedicated not to the corporeal holidays, but to various spiritual actions, including the creation of the world and the creation of Adam. They gave our people a general and purposeful movement forward.

Adam is a soul, i.e., a structure of force, a network of forces, which is supposedly located somewhere in space and is an analogy of the Creator.

But it was created from above, under the influence of the upper force, which is kindness, love, and bestowal. Therefore, the structure itself was in the same state of bestowal, love, and mercy toward itself, and was an internal, self-sufficient “cocoon” that did not need to develop, it existed by itself.

In order to force this structure to develop, it was necessary to shake it somehow, to introduce an element of interference into it, a sharp external influence. This was done with the help of an additional system called Hava or Eve. She disturbed Adam’s inner balance, and as a result, this structure exploded from the inside.

For example, when an imbalance occurs in an atomic bomb due to excessive convergence of the two halves, the critical mass increases and self-decay begins, which leads to a nuclear explosion.

The same thing happened here. It turns out that we basically celebrate the fall. It would seem that we should sit in mourning, fast, cry, and “sprinkle ashes on our heads.”

No, we celebrate it, because thanks to the shattering we can assemble ourselves from the fragments of Adam and Eve and bring ourselves to the state similar to the upper force that created them and become equal to it in perfection and eternity.

In this way, we correct what the Creator deliberately broke for us, just as parents disassemble a puzzle for a child so that he becomes smarter by assembling it. In all this action, we must see the preparation of the Creator who treats us with love and wishes that we reach His perfection, become equal to Him.

Therefore, we celebrate the opportunity given to us for correction as a holiday. This is the New Year.
From KabTV’s “Holidays, Rosh HaShanah

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