Who Will Give a Person Confidence in Life?

220Question: As a rule, in order to exist, a person needs a job. With the money earned, he can eat, buy clothes and shoes, pay for the Internet, and so on. Therefore he cannot imagine himself without a job.

The main fear of a person is to lose his job. When they lose it, many are even ready to commit suicide because they are so dependent on the corporeal part. What will replace it? Who will make up for it? Who will give a person the necessary confidence in life?

Answer: Only a society created on the basis of integral education will. We create these communities. We can teach people through the Internet, through virtual communication, and through television. We have all the opportunities for this. Just give us a world channel and we are ready to conduct all this even today.

We will be able to explain to people where nature directs us and that spiritual work is not some whim, not mine, yours, or someone else’s. This is a law of nature. We see how scientists are gradually beginning to reveal the same thing. That is, we have something to rely on. There are great, wonderful prospects.

Therefore I hope for a bright future and not for a terrible solution to problems that will still lead to the same result but with a lot of blood.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. If You Lost Your Job” 13/3/14

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