Caring for Others Unites Us

275Question: You often emphasize that dissemination is more important to us than to the world since we build ourselves through it. Yet sometimes it is the other way around and you say that it is more important for the world. What is dissemination for?

Answer: Since all of us, all of humanity, are interconnected by invisible threads and tied into one single system, we need to disseminate. This system exists initially, does not disappear anywhere, and does not change; it only requires our greater active participation now.

Therefore we tell people that we must nourish this system and take an active part in it. That is, we must engage in internal and external connection with each other so that the external helps the internal one. This is mainly internal connection, but we need the external one to bolster us and to create the prerequisites for the more internal connection. This is how we go from simple to complex, from external to internal.

The whole method of dissemination and our work on ourselves lies in this. There is nothing else. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about the system in which we are connected together, how this system works, and how we gradually reveal this connection between us.

When we enter into the work of this system and begin to open and feel it, we suddenly see how our world dissolves. In fact, it does not exist; there is only this system of connection. No more computers with modems, no telephones; there is a direct connection between us, and everything else has melted away like morning fog.

Question: Does it mean that we don’t need dissemination just to keep a person busy so that he does not fool around?

Answer: No, nature forces us to it, and we must move to the new degree. This is the next degree of all that is. Our nature will disappear. Anyway, as many physicists and psychologists write today, it exists within us, in our sensory organs. Now our sensory organs will go through the stages of a certain development and rise to the next level where they begin to feel exactly this universe, this matrix.

Dissemination is the most necessary work that helps us to unite. Caring for others unites us.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Caring for Others Unites Us” 3/13/13

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