There Is None Else Besides the Creator

219.01The phrase “There is none else besides Him” means the beginning and the end of the spiritual path. I do not like to talk abstractly, but this is incredible. It is necessary to enter into this concept many times.

There is no one acting except the Creator. No one in the world has the opportunity to do anything because only the Creator, that is, the upper light, creates, gives birth to, moves, and does everything. In general, all the energy, all the power, everything that holds, creates, and transforms all living things is only the force of light, the force of the Creator.

However, the Creator has placed a spark in us, with the help of which we can influence something ourselves, based on this spark and not on egoism! Our egoism is something inanimate that cannot be inverted. But everything that exists in us and in inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature exists because of this spark.

There are people in whom this spark begins to motivate them to actions similar to the Creator. It does not just enliven them, but gives them the desire to become like Him. Such people are called “Adam” from the word “Domeh – similar.”

If this spark in people is in the first, second, and third stages, meaning in the inanimate, vegetative, and animate ones, then it moves them, and they develop science, culture, technology, and so on.

And when its intensity reaches the fourth stage in a person, then one yearns for equivalence with the Creator. He is carried somewhere beyond the clouds, he must find the meaning of life, its source. Such people are called Israel, which means “straight to the Creator.”

Abraham gathered such people in Babylon and began to work with them on the ascent to the Creator. That is why they are called Kabbalists. These people have existed in all ages and exist to this day.

Throughout history, many scientists and philosophers, not necessarily Jews, understood this, studied and correctly interpreted the science of revealing the Creator because they had this spark, this point in the heart, this star. It leads a person to the Creator, and he reveals that there is only one single force of light that controls everything.

However, due to the fact that a point of the fourth degree awakens in a person, he himself can invite the influence of light upon himself, but only if he really wants to become like it. If he wants to rise above his egoism or even change it to bestowal instead of reception, then he can ask the light to do it. But in any case, only the light does everything, and therefore, there is none else besides Him.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. None Else Besides Him” 2/14/13

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