Rebuilding the System of Values

231.01Comment: You recently defined that the student can measure his progress by the extent that he tries to adhere with what the teacher tells him, meaning, the degree to which he replaces his opinion with that of his teacher’s.

My Response: This, however, is not an easy combination, it is not easy for a person to replace his opinion with the opinion of a teacher. This already is a high flight. Who can do it? I do not know.

This is possible when the student and the teacher are in adhesion, in connection. This is learning “from mouth to mouth.” The student rises by faith above reason contrary to his understanding and accepts the opinion of the teacher above his own and is happy about it.

This is a purely spiritual action that can only be done when you are inside a group that supports you because otherwise you have no strength for this; when you receive nourishment from the upper light it changes you. Thus you aspire to a state above reason and feelings. This is a completely different contact and is no longer our world.

Comment: Actually, this is impossible to do in our one-sided perception of the world.

My Response: Yes, you will have to change it. But this does not entail any physical changes. You just need to rebuild the system of values so that the opinion of the teacher, the opinion of the group, and that of the friends is higher than yours and you are ready to annul yourself before them. This is the minimum without which there is nothing more to do because in this way you rise above egoism and you have a new quality, the quality of feeling outside of yourself.

The quality of “feeling” the teacher, the friends, and the group means that you begin to feel something outside of yourself. In this “something outside of yourself” you will feel both the Creator and the upper world. You will make a substrate based on which you can feel this.
From KabTV’s “I Got A Call. How to Find out My Spiritual Level?” 3/21/13

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