Creating a New Sensor for Perceiving the World

243.03Question: Is it possible to feel the Creator and the upper world before a person reveals the first degree of spirituality for himself?

Answer: How could this be done? What would you feel it with?

How is any sensing device arranged? It has a certain photosensitivity, i.e., sensitivity to certain waves or frequencies. It may not be our light, but it may rather be a laser, just like the way they etch motherboards, microprocessors, and so on, with one-zero, one-zero.

You need exactly these sensations: one-zero, one-zero, light-darkness, light-darkness, bestowal-reception, bestowal-reception, more-less, and where and how, in what qualities, in what connections, and so on. All of nature consists of these two forces; there is nothing else! You must create in yourself the maximum number of such comparisons: zero-one, plus-minus, bestowal-reception.

When a sufficient number of such “etched” spiritual zero-one, zero-one pairs are formed on your substrate, when you know that this is reception, this is bestowal, and this is reception, and this is bestowal, then you begin to feel the entire picture, since it can be depicted on the substrate in all its aspects, nuances, variations, and styles.

You need a great number of cells, zero-one, zero-one, reception-bestowal, reception-bestowal, in both height and width, i.e., a great number of various vectors. If you do not have such a substrate, how can you use something? You do not have a sensor!

How are our eye and brain arranged? How is everything arranged? What do we do all our lives until we become adults? We are constantly “etching” these cells in ourselves, accumulating the ability of a correct perception of the world. This is called education.

Here we have Kabbalistic, integral, spiritual education. Thus, you have to create such a sensor in yourself. Where can you escape to anyway? If you do not have it, where will you feel?

After all, you need to build it all. Kabbalah is the building of the organ of perception of the upper world that exists around us, but we do not feel. This is why it is called the wisdom of reception, the wisdom of perception.
From KabTV’s “I Got A Call. How to Find out My Spiritual Level?” 3/21/13

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