A Man Is the One Who Achieves the Quality of Bestowal

294.3Comment: The influence of the environment on a person is enormous. For example, an African who grew up in Russia becomes the same as all Russians.

My Response: This is natural because you take an individual and let him develop under the influence of the environment. But this has nothing to do with Kabbalah.

This can be attributed to religions, to all kinds of beliefs, philosophies, anything, and in whatever may fall within the framework of this world for an ordinary person.

There are very few individuals in the world who are concerned about elevating themselves and following the point of their soul; there are very few of them in the world, maybe a couple of million, for whom the earthly does not exist. They consider everything earthly to be an animal level of development; therefore, they must rise to the next level of “man.” Their discernment takes place according to a completely different system.

A man is the term for one who achieves the quality of bestowal. That is, one who makes a complete restriction on one’s entire animal part, feeding it only what is necessary like with a domestic animal, and directing everything else only toward bestowal, toward connection with others, and to filling outside of oneself— aimed ultimately at the Creator.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The World Through the Eyes of a Baby” 2/10/13

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