Can We Not Avoid a Nuclear War?

293Comment: The consequences of nuclear war are already being seriously and calmly considered. It is painted that as a result of nuclear explosions, soot and smoke would be emitted into the upper atmosphere. It would prevent the sun’s rays from reaching Earth.

In the first month after such a war, average temperatures would drop by 13 degrees. In the first hours of the war, about a hundred million people would die. A sharp drop in temperatures would destroy agriculture. Approximately two billion people would starve. Ocean temperatures would drop sharply and algae would die, which means that the chain of  fish, fish farming, and so on would die.

Yet people continue to live, travel, think about the future, and somehow plan a vacation. No one cares about it, although the realities have approached very closely.

My Response: What can you do?

Comment: At least talk about it.  Not just write about it but talk, to wind up the world—that we are approaching this, that this is the future of our children and grandchildren, and so on.

My Response: What for? Are you ready to sell sedative pills? What are you going to do this for?

Comment: On the contrary, now I have the feeling that the world has taken these sedative pills, and I do not want them to take them! I want them to go on without pills, to scream, to howl to start: “What are we doing? How is humanity approaching this?”

My Response: Will it help?

Question: You tell me. If everyone starts talking about it, if everyone worries about it, writes about it, and makes films that it is necessary to stop it, necessary to start disarmament, will it help or not? We already passed this stage more or less, and it did not work out. What about now?

Answer: Now it will not work either. People are used to this fear.

Question: Why? In principle, when it concerns a person, as it touched Japan at that time, it is scary. It remains such a terrible memory for centuries. Why does it not bother us in any way? Why are we not afraid?

Answer: We are not afraid of anything at all and do not want anything. We want to live this moment. And what will happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, we have no memory for it, we have no mind for it.

Question: Why did the Creator take our minds?

Answer: In order for us to be able to exist. Otherwise, everyone would go crazy.

Question: Is it so that we can plan our lives, have children, and so on? So what is our correct existence like?

Answer: Calm down and continue to breathe deeply, evenly, and everything will be fine.

Question: Do not pay attention to it?

Answer: There is nothing you can do about it. And the solution is in a completely different place. Not in you and not in our plane.

The solution is only in a good connection between people. And even more specifically, in the good connection between Jews. So if everyone in the world asks Jews to take good care of the connection between themselves, then everything will be fine. There are no other responsible people besides them.

Comment: We have repeatedly talked about the feeling that Jews are at the center of all issues, all problems, and the world in general.

My Response: This is the only problem. And if humanity realizes that this is the only problem, and the Jews understand it, then everything will begin to rebuild.

Question: Then will the disarmament of the world begin?

Answer: No. There is no need to disarm or think about it at all. Then everything will be aimed at giving Jews the opportunity of the desire and commitment to arrange the world so that it becomes better, kinder, more concrete, interconnected, and so on.

You cannot do anything else. We will not need any weapons or anything. There will be nothing to do with them. People will forget.

Question: So the arms race will turn into something else?

Answer: Of course!

Question: If the Jews themselves understand this and start building good ties, what will happen to the arms race? What is with all these nuclear weapons?

Answer: Nothing, they will slowly be disposed of and that is it.

Question: So all this is happening around in order to first force Jews to come to good relations with each other?

Answer: Yes. To understand that the Jews themselves cannot do this. The nations of the world can force them.

Question: Different people write comments to you. Some say that “Yes, maybe, probably, you are right.” Others write that “Looking at the Jews, we understand that this is impossible. They are mostly bankers, they earn money for us, they drink blood, they are behind all the wars, and so on.”

People write and ask, “How can such Jews turn around and go toward a good connection? How?”

Answer: Awareness of their responsibility for the world and the fact that the world will come to them with the question, “When will it all end?”

The Jews, the world, and all the nations of the world will turn to the Creator, and then everything will change.

Question: So even in these Jews, who are not a model for the world of honesty and purity, something will turn over in them?

Answer: Absolutely!

Question: How does this happen?

Answer: Because what a person did, he did based on his great egoism. And now he will have to restructure accordingly with this.

Question: And big egoism will immediately become big altruism?

Answer: Not immediately, but yes.

Question: Is it a correct law that big egoists become altruists?

Answer: Yes. The right law. From great depths to high elevations.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/11/22

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