“Within the Middle of the Vacant Air”


And the light descended

To the worlds, into the black empty space located in it

And each circle from each world, and those cloer to the light are important,

Until we find our world of matter in the central point,

Inside all the circles in the center of the gaping void.
(Ari, The Tree Of Life)

Concentric circles are such a representation of the worlds from the furthest from the center to the closest to the center. In this way, the Creator’s energy is distributed throughout creation.

We are at the most central point of all the concentric circles. From them the influence of the Creator’s energy descends upon us.

Question: Did everything that is written in the Ari’s poem happen before the Big Bang?

Answer: Yes, and after that too. We are talking about the stationary state of the worlds. At the same time, our world is located in the central point, inside all the circles in the center of the gaping void, which shines with its blackness.

A person feels this as an absolute incomprehensibility, absolute unwillingness, as lack of energy and lack of reason, of any motivation, that is, it is the blackest point of the entire universe.

Question: In principle, this state exists in potential. But when a person enters it, does he feel it as a recognition of the evil of his egoistic nature?

Answer: Even much worse. It feels like a complete absence of everything, an absolute emptiness, an absolute absence of desires in anything and in any way whatsoever.

Question: Is this state similar to death?

Answer: No, this is not death. Although, it depends on how you interpret it. But, in general, it is, of course, a terrible state.

Question: Does everyone have to feel this state in order to move on?

Answer: Yes, it is felt a little by every person, otherwise he will not move forward. He will not attain the Creator because he has no corresponding inclinations. In order to move him to the Creator, he must be given such states from which he would run away to Him.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/5/22

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