Where Can We Get the Upper Energy for Ascent?

591Question: A person faces internal difficulties that he needs to overcome when in a Kabbalistic environment and while performing actions aimed at the common goal. Why does this happen?

Answer: Because we are within the framework of our world and have absolutely no contact with the spiritual world. It is possible to move to the spiritual world only if a person receives upper energy for ascent.

This happens only if you really want to break away from all the egoistic reasons that motivate you to act in this world and you perform an action that is outside of you, has nothing to do with you, and is directed only toward the Creator.

Since we do not feel the result of this action and do not have any profit from it, we do not have the energy to perform it. Our body (egoism) cannot work in this direction, and in this I feel completely disconnected from the opportunity to ever be in the spiritual world.

I see that this is highly unlikely because I am not some kind of engine that can work without energy. I am an engine that works with energy. The energy for me is the future reward, and then I have the ability to act.

In the beginning of the path, when I come to the group, I have the energy to act because I feel that they approve of me and I am together with them doing important work. I get involved, I am burning because here they talk about the purpose of creation, about the fact that the entire world will soon turn to this. The greatness of what we do arises in me. But it is still egoistic.

As I participate in everything and grow, an understanding arises in me that I am going to start acting on a completely different fuel, which is the fact that what I do is important to others and is for the benefit of the entire world so that some kind of Creator, some force, will receive contentment from it. And maybe even so that the entire world will feel good and the Creator as well, but they will not know about me at all, and even I myself will not know that I perform such kind, good, great actions.

Then the question arises: how can I perform them? What for? And most importantly, with what energy? Where is the completion of this task? My egoistic organism is not able to do anything if it does not see a better future state.

In our world, I can convince myself: if I do this, I will gain this, and if I do that, I will gain that, and so on. I always choose the most optimal state—to achieve maximum benefit with minimal effort.

Here, however, I have nothing at all. How can you apply some supernatural efforts without any benefit for yourself? That is, my engine does not work. Then there is a need for an environment, for help from above to come and give me such ability.

Yet, do I wish that I had such an ability to work on “air” and not on “gasoline”? It requires the joint efforts of friends, groups, and very strong support in order for a person to gradually approach such a need and understand that it is possible. After all, there is another participant in the process of correction, of coming to the perpetuum mobile: the upper light, the Creator.

It is better to call this “light” because we associate the Creator with some object and the upper light is more abstract. This is the quality of bestowal and love that can affect me and help me create such conditions.

Thus, a person, a group, the upper light, and dissemination, all these necessary conditions together gradually turn into sufficient conditions for a person to begin to receive upper energy, which gives him the ability to perform altruistic actions outside of himself.

This is how he comes to his first spiritual action and in it he begins to feel outside himself, that is, a completely different structure, system, and connection that is revealed between everyone. He sees this world as a corridor through which a person must pass to the upper world and begins to understand the meaning of everything that happens to him and to other people.

He receives a completely different attitude toward the group, toward his friends, he lives a new life; the eternity of the system in which he exists is revealed to him because he entered the level of Adam (man). Before that, we are considered animals because, in principle, we are the same highly developed but more corrupted animals. This is how we advance.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Impact of Kabbalah on a Person” 6/11/14

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