Touching the State of Perfection

938.03Question: Once at the convention in Arava, we held a spontaneous gathering of friends that lasted five or six hours. Usually such events last an hour or two hours maximum. And then it turned out that even those who in principle can hardly overcome themselves, easily joined the common action. It was felt that everyone was supporting the others and that this state could continue for another five hours. What happened at that moment?

Answer: You felt that you could always exist in this state.

People could remain at this level permanently because they began to live in the next state, which is common, we all are together in each other. Such a state is the next level of humanity, which we are slowly entering where sometimes we feel it more and sometimes less.

We are trying to organize such events that would help us feel it, stay in this state, and be in it for as long as possible. I hope that we will come to this state in the near future so that we can exist permanently in it.

First, our world group is actively engaged in integral connection and is moving toward this. Within this state, we must feel the main force of nature—the sole, fundamental, developing force that holds the entire world. You can call it the Creator.

And then we will be able to speak with the world with greater force and show it more or less realistically the possibility of existence at the next level: what nature is pushing us to, the goal of her and our development, and what we must inevitably come to.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The State of Perfection” 1/26/13

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