There Was a Wall and now No Wall

419The Creator did not create a flawed creation but created it in a completely perfect state, and the creatures need only to reveal this.

We must study from Kabbalistic books what connection means and imagine what our corrected state should be: our behavior, thoughts, desires, and how it differs from what it is now.

But we do not correct any personal inner qualities; and to the extent of our desire to connect with each other, our inner qualities will correct and change only because of it.

Otherwise, time goes by and man does not change. Changes occur only when we strive to build the correct system of relations between us.

The Creator created the creation in a completely corrected state—merged with the Creator—but then he shattered it and instructed us to reveal this shattering and ask for its correction. The difference between the desired and the actual state is growing all the time: every time I reveal the next shattered degree, I incorporate in it and feel that this is me. And then I begin to correct it in connection with the ten and by turning to the Creator.

The revelation of a new degree each time feels as if one has come across an impassable wall. But if we connect with our friends, then the wall disappears—just evaporates as if it never existed.

At first it seems that a concrete wall of endless length and infinite height is in front of me. And suddenly, I see that it begin to melt, as if a fog is dissipating; it was there and now it is gone. And now everything is open, clear, familiar, and tangible in front of me. Everything depends only on connection.

The wall that I see is inside me and is built on the lack of my connection with my friends. This is the flaw I see in front of me. All that remains for me is to cry and ask the Creator to help us unite with our friends because by doing this we cancel the wall.

I should see before me only the connection between friends and the connection with the Creator—two degrees of connection. Connection is the key to the solution.

We will see later that this whole world is just an illusion. Therefore, one must go forward, do not look around, but take a direct course to connect with friends and connect with the Creator. This will help us achieve the goal very quickly and to this extent see the truth.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/22, “The Ruin as an Opportunity for Correction”

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