The Desire To Go Through The Wall

527.03A negative force should be perceived as a necessary element for the right direction toward the goal. In this goal, positive and negative forces come together, and thanks to their connection, the goal becomes visible to us.

In the material world, we first see the target and then we must try to aim at it. But in spirituality, it is completely different: If I aim correctly at the target, then I see that it is in front of me.

In spirituality, we always first find ourselves in front of a wall, and only if we find a solution will we see that there is a door in the wall. And the solution is not to find out what hinders or helps us, but to be able to gather all prerequisites so that they complement each other and there is nothing superfluous.

Therefore, every decision is an achievement of perfection. And in perfection there are no good or bad components, there are no negative or positive ones, but everything complements each other.

In the material world, you can see a closed door, but in the spiritual world, the door is visible only if it is open. An open door can only be seen through the eyes of perfect faith. The moment we reach perfect faith, a passage opens.

If there is a blank wall in front of me where no door is visible, but I really want the passage to open, then it will open.

In the material world, we first see a closed door and only then try to open it. But there are no closed doors in spirituality: either the door is open, or there is only a blank wall. And when I reach perfect faith, I instantly see the open door.

Perfect faith means that nothing separates me from what is on the other side of the wall. If I achieve such qualities in myself, then the separating barrier disappears.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/12/22, “Pesach (Passover)”

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