Is There A Gene Of Altruism?

629.3Comment: Scientists have established that there is no gene of altruism as we understand it in nature. It exists only in the form of collectivism, when I as an egoist perform actions aimed at the benefit of the whole organism because I understand that I cannot exist without it.

This is well known from the example of ants, which when infected with a deadly virus leave the anthill so that they would not infect others.

My Response: Ants have altruism developed at the genetic level and they carry out orders without having freewill. We do not have this gene by nature. Therefore, we cannot compare ourselves with ants. If I were programmed like them, I would also think about my neighbor.

However, this would not be altruism but the same egoism that makes you think about others. Is a mother who thinks about her child an altruist? No, this is her child, and she feels him as the most precious part of herself.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Gene of Altruism” 9/19/10

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