Connection of Opposites

633.3Question: One of the basic laws of nature is the unity of opposites. How can we connect this with the Creator?

Answer: The law of unity of opposites says that in the end they should all connect together and complement each other.

At the beginning of creation, all opposites were concentrated in one point, in complete connection and perfectly complementing each other. And then it all was shattered.

Now we must bring everything that was shattered into a multitude of laws, connections, and conditions to one single whole where they exist correctly, in interaction, in balance, in harmony with each other, and maintain with their oppositeness such a connection that is called “perfection.” It is in it that we attain the Creator—the source of this perfection.

We cannot say who He by Himself is. The Creator is above this. But we can attain Him to the extent that we are able to correlate these positive and negative qualities with each other and create from them something in between, a middle line.

The Creator is the middle line, which is revealed between two qualities reception and bestowal. After all, there is nothing in nature except the manifestation of these two opposing forces.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/21/22

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