Merging Of Opposites

630.1Within the framework of brief explanations about spiritual states, the way they unfold, develop, and how we absorb these states, it is necessary to talk about the way Kabbalah reacts to opposites, and how it makes it possible to balance them. In our life, we face many contradictions from all kinds of physical influences (cold, heat, pressure, vacuum, etc.) to sensory parameters: hatred, love, joy, despair, and so on.

How can we balance these states so that they do not exist in us alternately, but can exist in general harmony, that is, so that we would perceive them simultaneously although it seems to us completely impossible?

The wisdom of Kabbalah says that it must lead a person to a state of perfection. It explains that there can be no perfection when it exists only in one state and in the other there is absolute imperfection, the opposite of it. There can be no perfection in a state of despair and there can be no perfection in a state of joy if it is later replaced by despair. Thus, here we need a completely different approach, a different solution to the problem.

This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is engaged in. It sees its mission in bringing all the qualities of a person, all his states together, and giving one big, perfect solution to all of them.

The answer is to rise above everything that happens in between, above the good and bad states, when they cannot connect in any way, or get along together at any level, in feelings and in the mind.

Their connection occurs when a person rises from the egoistic state to the so-called area of faith above reason, that is, he begins to work with his qualities in the direction of bestowing and not receiving. Working inversely with all sensations, he perceives everything as absolute good.

It is not like in physics and in our lives in general, in our relations with each other, when there are contradictions and we do not know what to do. At most, we are somewhere in the middle, trying to find a middle ground.

There is no middle ground in Kabbalah! Kabbalah believes that it is a vicious action, when we restrict ourselves on both sides and believe that we can do nothing else, raise our hands, and agree to some average value.

We should choose not the average, but the maximum value from two opposite values at the same time. When we rise above our egoism, then these two opposing systems become one because one becomes the desire and the other becomes the fulfillment.

Then we have a very clear feeling that in this way it is possible to make absolutely all decisions, as well as to resolve absolutely all conflicts. This is precisely the method of bringing the world to a perfect state.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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