Abstract Concept—Good

630.1Question: How can we build the image of the Creator? What is His image?

Answer: When good is manifested between people, there you can reveal the Creator.

Comment: Good sounds somehow abstract. After all, everyone understands good in their own way.

My Response: It is not about good for you, but about good for others. When you do what others want, for their benefit, i.e., not what they want, but precisely for their benefit, then you reveal the property of the Creator.

Comment: It sounds very simple. When you look at the cosmos, you see a huge number of stars, so many laws, and everything there!

Answer: These are all inanimate objects.

Comment: But when we say that the Creator is just love and bestowal, it seems that this is very simplified.

My Response: It is not simplified, on the contrary, it is very difficult. In order to reproduce just one feeling, you would need millions of cosmoses.

Question: In principle, the Creator has been creating all the spectrums of our feelings inside us for billions of years. In order to be similar to Him, we must reproduce them by ourselves, right?

Answer: One small movement among themselves is enough for people to reproduce those huge forces that exist between all kinds of cosmic bodies.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/7/22

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