Question without an Answer

79.02Question: Kabbalists who have attained the Creator describe it in their books. Can this be an instruction for us?

Answer: Of course. Kabbalists tell you what you should do in your desires, how to adjust them in order to feel the Creator.

Question: Will everyone have personal feelings?

Answer: Everyone’s feelings are personal, but you will be able to calibrate yourself like musicians in an orchestra.

Comment: Let’s say you and I baked a cake according to the same recipe. We will feel its taste in the same way.

My Response: How do you know that it will be the same? How can you check it?

Comment: You will say that the cake is sweet, and I will say that it is sweet. We have a common concept of sweet. Even if we feel this sweetness in different ways, at least we will come to a common denominator that it is sweet.

My Response: Maybe we will come to something common because we agree with such a definition. But all the same, the question of attaining the Creator remains without an answer.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/7/22

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