Correcting the Root of a State

600.01Question: Researchers believe that a person himself can create fortune with his positive thoughts, words, and actions. Do you agree with this?

Answer: A person can create a certain matrix around himself: this is good, this is bad, this is better, this is worse, etc., and thus determine his state. There is nothing absolute about it, it is all relative.

There are people, from our point of view, who suffer a lot in prisons, in hospitals, anywhere, and if you talk to them, they will say: “No, this is a normal state. One can live like that. After all, we all are living?” So, there is a problem here.

On the one hand, thinking positively, complimenting people, and doing good deeds does help. On the other hand, this does not ultimately correct the state, but only sort of smooths it out. If you dress this state with honey, it will become a little sweeter, but the very bitterness of what is under your dressing will not change.

It is necessary to correct the root of the state so that it can never manifest itself as evil.

The root is our egoism. If we annul it, we can feel ourselves above it, in a world full of goodness, love, and light.

Egoism is our intentions and all the evil of the world, which depends only on a person and manifests itself in relation to him. Our words and thoughts are just the outer shells of egoism. You can say beautiful words and do some actions, but they may not correspond to your heart.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/24/22

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