Function Of The Creator

546.03Question: As a rule, after giving birth, a woman goes through a reassessment of values. Despite being an egoist, is she now focusing on some other element that, in principle, exists outside of her?

Answer: Yes, in this she assumes upon herself a certain function of the Creator. She is giving birth.

Question: Is this the reason that for many women the period of revaluation of values is a difficult one?

Answer: Yes, depression and very serious conditions can take place here, but all this is due to the hormonal restructuring of the body. As a result, there is a very serious internal process of growth and maturation, and it cannot be substituted with anything.

It is the function of childbearing, development, upbringing, and care that is the function of the Creator. From the structure of the spiritual system, we see that a woman in this state is Bina, i.e., the function that is above us. Through Bina, the Creator influences us. Therefore, we call it mother nature.

There is no substitute for this and, of course, men are disadvantaged here in many ways. Only a complete connection, the correct interaction of a man and a woman can compensate for a man what he will never be able to achieve by himself.
From KabTV’s “Close up. Unwanted Children” 1/2/11

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