What Sigmund Freud Was Right About

235Question: If Sigmund Freud did not have an answer to the question about the meaning of life, then was he simply trying to disengage a person from it?

Answer: I would not say that Freud did not understand this. He just clearly set the boundary where this issue was really solvable from a scientific point of view, from the point of view of the psychoanalyst’s impact on our world and the study of its reactions, from the point of view of the psychologist’s interaction with his patient, and so on.

Therefore, he acted sensibly in suggesting that we treat materialistic psychology as a science.

The great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam welcomed materialistic psychology because it analyzes matter, studies matter’s obvious reactions, and on this basis empirically builds its approach and thus develops.

In this regard, as Kabbalists we are in harmony and friendship with psychology, but that is not what we would say about philosophy, which is full of contradictions, mutual oppositions, and gaps from end to end, although Kabbalah is studied at philosophical faculties.

Sigmund Freud understood this problem. He wanted to make a science out of psychology, which he purposefully called psychoanalysis, and all this was done experimentally; he himself took all kinds of substances, including narcotics.

Therefore, he said that the question of the meaning of life goes beyond the scope of our existence and is considered painful, as in not real, not sane, and not healthy from the point of view of the researcher and as such it must be related to in that way. In this he is absolutely right.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Is Frankl right?” 8/8/10

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