What Does A Kabbalist Reveal?

226Question: You said that if a person has not developed his soul, then it immediately returns to the body because it does not have sensory organs to exist in the spiritual world, just as a person cannot exist in our world without knowing elementary laws.

What are the laws of the spiritual world?

Answer: The laws of the spiritual world are the laws by which we exist in it.

That is, there is another dimension around us, an additional part of the universe, that is hidden from us. But we are not in contact with it because we do not have its qualities.

A Kabbalist reveals this dimension. He is called a Kabbalist because he is receiving, discovering, and revealing this information, these sensations, since he develops the corresponding feelings in himself.

They develop by “going out of yourself.” It is said: “Love your neighbor as yourself,” that is, you need to go out into such desires that are outside of you, and then you will really feel what is outside of you.

What exists outside of us is called the upper or spiritual world and what we feel in us is called our or the earthly world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Beyond the Last Line” 5/3/10

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