Understanding The Tendency Of Current Affairs

549.02Comment: Today, the education of boys and girls is reduced to only sex education. They do not have any other, more internal interaction.

My Response: Adults also reduce everything to this and believe that it is just necessary to teach children about safe sex and nothing more.

Question: Is this an internal flaw of adults?

Answer: I do not think so. I see everything that is happening in the world as one more stage for forward movement.

We should not be negative about things that are happening. We just need to understand the tendency, and if possible, explain it based on an understanding of its final result.

Then we will understand why today we are experiencing such events and not some other ones, and how we can, nevertheless, prepare children to advance more correctly to the goal that nature moves us to.

I hope that all the suffering that we are going through as parents, and also children in their own way, will allow us to open our eyes.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Theater of the Absurd” 7/18/10

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