The Result Of Shattering Of The Common Soul

559Question: Where does the phenomenon of transgender come from, when a person is outwardly born a man, but feels like a woman and undergoes sex change surgery? Or vice versa?

Answer: This comes from the fact that we are all the result of the shattering of a common soul.

The Creator created one soul, one spiritual structure, which was specially divided into many parts so that we could know the Creator through them and reach His status, His degree, and merge with Him.

It was not just shattered into different parts in terms of power, qualities, and characters, but also by gender. At the same time, one part of the soul is engaged in mastering the technique of correction and attracting an upper force, the other is developing desire and arousing the male part to development with the help of the same upper force.

Since we are broken parts of a single soul, in the process of our correction, adaptation, and return to the upper world from which we fell after being shattered, we constantly mix with each other. Together, men and women give birth to both boys and girls.

It is the same in the spiritual world. We give birth to both male and female souls, and the Creator, the third force, determines, in principle, the fate of each of them in accordance with the final goal. In general, this is not a simple system.

For tens of thousands of years of humanity’s existence there has been constant physiological animal mixing, especially in our time when on one hand egoism has risen, and on the other hand it has reached a terrible, amazing mixing between nations in our generation.

Moreover, this mixing is not so much physical as internal—in culture, in mentality, and in dependence on each other. As a result there is such an agitation in the souls when they cannot accurately associate themselves with their roots, including sexually.

And here a person gets confused with his orientation both spiritually and physically. Even in spiritual work, we sometimes observe that a man who should realize himself as a man actually tends to a more feminine version of soul correction. Conversely there are many women who would like to be in the place of men in their spiritual realization.

I think this is a necessary degree of our development. It contains a very serious plan, when by mutual penetration, rapprochement, and mixing from above, we begin to better analyze, absorb, and separate the sexes.

This will lead to the fact that men in both the spiritual and physical world will understand women better, and women will understand men better. But today there is no such understanding. For this you need to be a serious Kabbalist in order to really be able to enter into the inner world of a woman and understand her, and vice versa.

One of the goals of Kabbalistic education is to give people the opportunity to come to the right interaction with each other. Otherwise, our world will become a world of people who don’t see each other. They only occasionally meet somewhere, have intercourse, and run away. And even if you live together with someone, such cohabitation is not something in common.

In other words, our mutual mixing is necessary even in such unpleasant, unnatural forms of egoistic development because only in this way can we come to a special kind of egoism, which consists of all possible forms, and then everyone will be able to understand the other more and better.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Reincarnation” 5/3/10

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