The Right To Exist Only If We Offer The Key To Happiness To All

961.2Question: In what case do Jews have the right to exist?

Answer: Only if they declare to the world that they truly have the key to the happiness of humanity, to its normal existence, to reach a perfect state, and offer it to the entire world.

If we do this, no matter how ridiculous or absurd it may seem, people will take it seriously.

After all, antisemitism toward such a small nation, which consists of an insignificant number of fifteen million people out of all of humanity, and the claims against them that they are the cause of all the world’s suffering, in principle, is a claim that this nation is special.

Nations of the world feel that we are special. Only so far, we are special in the bad sense of the word because we do not reveal the meaning of life, the possibility of reaching a real, eternal, perfect existence, thus limiting all other nations.

We are the cause of their suffering. They are absolutely right in this. Without the middle line, the nations of the world cannot come to the thought of creation. It is impossible.

All of us come from ancient Babylon. But only we took this middle line and the rest went on the way of egoistic development. Today we meet.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. The Formula of the Creator” 8/7/10

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