What Is Special About Jews?

629.1Question: Is an individual, born in our world as a Jew special?

Answer: Yes because he initially has a special connection with his soul. In the animate (physical) state, he is closer to his soul than a person who was not born a Jew.

We live in our bodies and sense this world, but our souls exist in the upper world. Those people who are called Jews are much closer to their souls, practically, in the union of their animal and spiritual levels.

Therefore, they are more predisposed to spiritual pursuits, discoveries, and development, to something that is at the peak of human capabilities and above, but only because they are closer to their soul. If humanity begins to engage in the development of the soul, then all the rest of the people will rise to the same level. There is no doubt about that.

Question: Is this a certain predisposition?

Answer: The fact is that this group of people was engaged in the development of the soul and spirituality for many millennia. Only in the last two thousand years has there been a deep gap between their spiritual and physical development.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Return” 19/2/10

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