Jerusalem Is A Single Spiritual Property

200.02Question: Various primary sources say that in the future, Jerusalem will become a beacon for the peoples of the world, and they will rush to its light, as it is written: “And nations shall go by your light” (Isaiah 60:3). Why is everything so encoded? What is this about?

Answer: The point is that the idea of ​​the rapprochement of peoples is originally in the universe itself, in its very structure. But this will manifest itself only after the correction of all its parts when everyone strives for unification and sees that this is precisely the center, symbol, and goal of creating the whole world.

Then we will know what the great city of Jerusalem truly represents.

There is such a concept of rebuilding Jerusalem within yourself. We must create within ourselves such a property, such a movement toward, connection between ourselves, so that there is no difference between people, so that we can feel each other through movement and turn into one single whole.

Then this single property, into which all our private qualities and hearts will unite, will be called “Jerusalem.” And the first step toward this should be the abolition of selfishness.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/22/22

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