The Crisis Of Egoism

182.02Comment: George Orwell’s well-known novel 1984 talks about the utopian the idea of communism in Russia. The Communists did not understand that it was impossible to change human nature and dominate people’s thoughts.

My Response: I must say that Karl Marx wrote his works in accordance with Kabbalistic principles, but he was misunderstood.

First we need to reach such a state where we extract altruistic energy from nature, and then we can rebuild ourselves. It will be profitable for us, it will be good for us.

Today we are in a state where the whole world is beginning to discover a universal crisis in everything that a person does, that is, a crisis of egoism. The ego has exhausted itself. I have nothing to chase anymore, I do not want anything. I want to forget myself and not think about anything. That is it! This is the most peaceful state because humanity begins to feel emptiness. Depression ranks first in the world in its occurrence.

So what happens? We have reached a state where egoism is killing itself, and we still need to understand where we are going. Families are breaking up. Terror is flourishing. We see a tangle of contradictions. Humanity is approaching some kind of a barrier. Therefore, an absolute, full awareness of the evil of our egoism is necessary.
From KabTV’s “Close up. Gene of Altruism” 9/19/10

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