Will We Sprout Up On Another Planet?

746.01Question: We are constantly worrying about climate change. Yet at the same time, a million animals and plants around the world are under threat of extinction. Scientists believe that this will be worse than climate change.

It is like starting to remove rivets from a plane in flight. One missing rivet is not so bad, but at some point, when too many rivets are missing, the plane will fall because it is one single system.

Tell me please, can the plane really crash or not?

Answer: It is quite possible. All this may fall apart, because the degree of connection that should be between inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature is gradually weakening more and more, up to the point that everything can really crumble. But so what?

Millions of years will pass and we will germinate on another planet, in another system.

Comment: But it is said that the Earth will not disappear.

My Response: This is the way it will not disappear. It is said that a second of the Creator is millions of years. Well, a couple of seconds will pass.

Question: A couple of millions of years! Will there be a planet with water, air, and a suitable atmosphere?

Answer: It doesn’t matter how. Perhaps we won’t be in our current form.

Comment: But you keep saying that humanity will not disappear. That is, a catastrophe may happen, but there will still be a handful of people who will have to fulfill the purpose of creation.

My Response: Yes, they will have to fulfill their purpose. But I do not know in what form.

Question: At the same time, do you assume that everything there is can disappear?

Answer: The fact that we are moving toward a huge thermonuclear war, and not even to one, but to two of them, is exactly what may happen according to the prediction of Kabbalists. It may happen.

Or, if, let’s say, we start working on ourselves, our minds, our heads, and seriously think about what we need to do in order to continue a normal life…but this means putting an end to our life that is anything but normal.

Question: Is it possible? Many people think that it is unknown whether humanity will come to its senses or not.

Answer: It is unknown. This state where humanity does not know is still a good state. This means that it is still possible to pull them so that they understand where the correct path is.

Question: Does some kind of leader need to appear for this or should it all come from below?

Answer: I do not think it should be some kind of leader. It should be teachers, many teachers in many languages. Each in his own style will explain to all the people on Earth how we can get rid of the terrible end and move to the next state in a good way.

Question: Can you say in one sentence how we can get rid of it?

Answer: Only through mutual care, love, and connection, by coming closer to each other.

Comment: You always have one and only conclusion.

My Response: This is so according to nature. I cannot invent it myself, and nature does not give me anything else.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/28/21

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