Why Are The King’s Orders Not Canceled?

261Question: When Queen Esther asks King Ahasuerus to spare her people, he replies that he has already given instructions to destroy the Jews in all 127 countries and cannot cancel it. But he gives them the opportunity to defend themselves.

Why can’t he revoke his decree?

Answer: He has no right, because egoism must remain in nature. The whole of nature is under egoism, it is interconnected. The only thing that can be added is to do everything for the sake of connection and love. Therefore, it is said that the Kelim (vessels) come from Haman and their filling occurs through Mordechai.

Just as it is said in the Torah: “The hands of Esau, and the voice of Jacob.” Meaning, we should receive Kelim precisely from egoism. Corrected egoism is the vessel that will be filled with the revelation of the Creator.

But still the people are given the opportunity to defend themselves. This means making a restriction, a screen, and reflected light on yourself and filling yourself for the sake of others, becoming a transmitting link. Then all the light of infinity will pass through you. And you don’t have to be afraid that you will get it for yourself, because you are already aimed in advance to pass it on to others.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/15/22

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