The Meaning Of Blessings Before And After A Meal

506.2The meaning of blessings before and after a meal is that we do not forget that we are in a constant, multifaceted, absolute connection with the upper force, and therefore, we should relate to it in this way.

In all cases of life, at every, even the smallest, step, in each of our movements, internal or external, we must feel that we are interacting with it.

Question: Do even such animalistic actions like eating food still need to be blessed?

Answer: But we can translate this action from animalistic to human. If I feel that I receive this from the Creator in order to revive my body and I begin to act in it in the direction of ascent to the Creator, to attainment of the Creator, then it is not just animal consumption of some calories.

It is written in the primary sources that concealment and revelation of the Creator testifies to what I say: either I bless the Creator or curse Him. It turns out that if the Creator is revealed to a man, then he involuntarily blesses Him. And if concealed, then he involuntarily curses Him.

The fact is that the Creator can be concealed and a person does not even want His revelation because he is afraid that it will bring him down and harm him in his good deeds. Therefore, the concealment or revelation of the Creator is not so unambiguous in the sense that if the Creator is revealed, then I will be righteous, and if concealed, I will be a sinner. This is partially true, but only partially.

It is possible that a man will reach such a state when he will be able to bless the Creator also from the states of concealment.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/8/22

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