The Main Task Of Mankind

712.03Question: On Purim it is customary to read “Megillat Ester” (“The Scroll of Esther”). “Megillah” in Hebrew means “revealing,” and “Ester“—hiding.

We see that throughout history, humanity reveals something, but still a huge amount of information is hidden from people. Would you like to learn what is hidden from us?

Answer: Absolutely everything is hidden. If we make mistakes at every step, do something wrong, and do not know what will happen tomorrow or in a thousand years, this is a concealment.

Moreover, the concealment is such that we are in a state of revelation at the animal level, which comes after the inanimate and vegetative. As for something more, that is, we cannot break through time.

I am located inside time. It envelops me from all sides and I cannot pass through it.

Comment: But about 200 laws of nature have been discovered over the past few 100 years.

My Response: It doesn’t matter! These are the mechanical and physical laws of our nature. What do I get from this? The most important thing is time. I want to rise above time. I want to see everything as a witness, not as a participant, from afar, from all over, outside the factor of time, so that it does not limit me in anything.

First of all, this is a cover-up. It leads to the fact that an upper force is hidden from me, which controls all nature, includes it in itself, and holds everything in itself. Therefore, revealing the highest controlling force of nature, which is called the Creator, is our most important task.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/15/22

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