How To Neutralize The Evil Eye?

559Question: The evil eye is a phenomenon known to many firsthand. Someone got jealous, was praised or over-praised. Many do not even take photos of their children because they are afraid of the evil eye.

Answer: The evil eye does exist. Since we are all interconnected, one’s bad thoughts about others does, in fact, bring hindrance into their lives. But at the same time, the person himself suffers too.

The fact that some people have the power to concentrate evil in themselves and purposefully influence others while others do not depends on the root of their soul. I know some women that would look at a child and he would come down with a fever.

They do not mean for it, but it still turns out that way. There are a lot of such examples.

Question: Can one get rid of such a quality?

Answer: Yes and no. He can try to do good, but at the same time this is his quality.

Question: Why are all kinds of witchcraft and sorcery more common among women?

Answer: Women are physically closer to nature, so their sense of connection with nature is more developed.

Question: What would you recommend to people who feel the evil eye, the curse? Is there any way to annul witchcraft?

Answer: Act with kindness toward others and thus neutralize all negative influences.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/1/22

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