Why People Don’t Hear The Prophets

546.04Question: Why does nature give some people the ability to foresee?

Answer: It is the source of the soul. Some have such a soul, others have a different one. Some are smart, others are dumber, and all with certain inclinations. There are high souls and there are ordinary ones. You don’t have to be jealous of anything. As a result, we all will reach the same level: the absolute comprehension of the entire universe. But everyone has their own path to this.

Question: The great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam who wrote the article “Prophecy,” is one of the few among our contemporaries with the ability to foresee. Several decades before the Holocaust, he predicted it. How should we work with this information?

Answer: Don’t. Just take what he says and do it.

Comment: People know in advance what the prophets say, but for some reason they never listen to them.

My Response: People are selfish. They don’t want to listen to the prophets. After all, all the prophets speak only about love for one’s neighbor, but people do not want this. Therefore from generation to generation everything goes like this until they fully realize the baseness of their nature and the need to rise from it by any means. We will come to this.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/21/21

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