The Basis Of Kabbalistic Methodology

947Question: What is a spiritual vessel? How does it break? How can we put the broken pieces together in a ten?

Answer: Let us say you had a good relationship with someone and then you broke up, i.e., you somehow separated from each other, can no longer be together, and do not have the connection you used to have. This is an example of before and after.

Now try to see how you can restore the former ties above hatred, all the way to love. This is how it works. The Creator deliberately broke us up, separated us, and distanced us, so that we would try to overcome this distance, oppositeness, and contradictions, and thus return to the previous state of unification, but 625 times stronger.

Then the small light we once had will multiply by five, by another five, and by another five to become 125 times greater than the small illumination supporting us now. It will turn into the light of Yechida that gathers and unites us.

We must go through all these stages. There is nothing to fear; the main thing is the principle of our work. The hardest part is the first degree. Then everything will start to move; the principle is the same.

Question: Where exactly do we feel the existence of the Creator, the reality of the Creator, the hand of the Creator? At what point?

Answer: This is felt in the heart of a person who really wants to have a heartfelt connection with his friend, with his group.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Asking the Creator to Fill the Place Between Us  Lesson 7

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