The Spirit Of Bestowal Between Us

943We are engaged in an attack on the concealment of the Creator proceeding from the assumption, from what the Kabbalists who have already attained this tell us, that there is only one single force, it is concealment, and we must cancel the concealment by our efforts.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us how we can reveal this upper force, what we must do to reveal it, and how to understand the stages of our revelation of the Creator. This happens by rising above ourselves, above our properties that separate us, to the property of the Creator who is one for all, one common field.

Therefore, we are gathered here to create this common field, this network of connections, between us, which exists, but is hidden from us by the egoism imposed on us. We must not just annul to, but rise above it and use it in the opposite direction. Then we will begin to feel its opposite, the true quality of this field, of this space in which we exist.

So, when I asked Rabash: “What should we say at a meeting of friends?”, he started his address with the phrase: “We have gathered here to establish a society for all who wish to follow the path and method of Baal HaSulam.”

Technically, there is no Creator. We follow the spirit of bestowal between us. When we reach the quality of bestowal, we begin to feel that this is the only quality that fills the entire world. We are created opposite of Him so that we become created beings, that is, we exist outside of this creation so we can  feel it from the outside, externally, and explore it.

To the extent of our similarity to this quality of bestowal and love, which we reveal through our efforts, we can be shaped from two opposite properties: from the properties of disconnection and unification, from the properties of hatred and love.

These two reciprocal properties will keep us independent from the Creator so that we do not dissolve and disappear in Him. On the contrary, we will be able to be like Him, connected, and literally merge with Him, and at the same time exist independently and separately, as created beings.

This is, in principle, the highest point of development of man when man is called Adam, from the word “Edomeh – similar to the Creator.”
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us” Lesson 1

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