How Not To Become A Burden For Loved Ones

627.2Comment: You received the following letter:

I watched one of your videos yesterday in which someone wrote very sincerely that he is sick and is worried he about his father who wanted to help him. Thank you for responding to such letters. I decided to write to you. I have Alzheimer’s disease, and I’m only 47 years old. Mostly old people suffer from it, but I am in that small percentage of young people, what can you do?

I’m not complaining. I’ve been watching you for a long time. I understand that everything is in the hands of the Creator, and I honestly don’t care what happens to me. Only one thing bothers me: I don’t want to be a burden to my loved ones, and everything is coming to this. I know what awaits me: immobility and dementia. There is no cure for this disease, which means that everything falls on the shoulders of loved ones.

My Response: From a medical point of view, I would only advise him to walk a lot and to listen to and read scientific materials, meaning, to give a load to the brain. And moreover, if he knows our materials, then delve into them as much as possible. This will take him in another direction. He will heal himself.

Question: Can a person not become a burden? Let’s say he enters these materials and does not think about it.

Answer: He will dive into our materials, and if he lives inside them, then everything will change. And he won’t be a burden to others.

Question: Will this life bubble in him even in any state?

Answer: Certainly.

Question: And will those close to him feel that he is not a burden?

Answer: They will feel from him that he is busy with his business, that he has withdrawn into himself so to speak, into his occupation, that he walks a lot, thinks a lot, and works a lot with both his head and body. And gradually, gradually, he will overcome in some ways and be able to stop the progress of this disease.

Question: If, as he describes, this is really such a state of mutual love and mutual support, is it possible to at least keep this spark of love and connection in any state a person may be in?

Answer: Yes. But his problem is different. He worries about others, not for himself. He regrets all the time—being sick, how he will become a burden for them, and so on. There is nothing you can do. There are possible objective reasons that he will not be able to overcome in any way, and then he may only have thoughts of leaving.

And this isn’t right.

Question: And why are these thoughts and these states given to a person from above?

Answer: For the correction of the soul.

Question: Whose? His or his loved ones?

Answer: His soul and the others, his friends, acquaintances, and relatives. We live only for the correction of the soul, not for the correction of the body. Our body lives and dies. There is nothing to it. This is our animal degree, and we have to think about the next degree.

Question: If we could see that this is how it is, that it is given for the correction of the soul, how would our worldview change?

Answer: We would all live for a different purpose, for the sake of elevating the soul. And then indeed our whole life would receive a completely different direction and different meaning. We would put ourselves in a completely different framework. We would treat each other differently; we would live differently. It would change everything.

Question: What would an incurable disease turn into then?

Answer: It is quite possible that we would simply understand that this is not a disease, that this is the natural end of earthly life and the body. It exists for a certain amount of time in order to allow the soul to develop after that.

Question: What does it do to a person then? Does it give him some kind of freedom?

Answer: Of course! In general, everything happens differently.

Comment: Your teacher’s wife was immobile for five years. She was practically paralyzed. And I know that between them, as you said, there was great love.

My Response: Yes.

Question: How did he feel, and how did she feel about what was happening?

Answer: She couldn’t do anything, she couldn’t even talk. She was just completely paralyzed. And he took care of her and did everything he could. It is incredible when an 85-year-old man takes care of his paralyzed wife at that age.

Question: It was thanks to this connection, and only to this connection?

Answer: Yes. They loved each other. It’s not just a habit for 50 years of life; it really was love.

Question: How does one get to such a state?

Answer: These are special souls.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/2/21

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