What Does A Fur Coat Have To Do With It?

571.04Question: The founder of the company Toyota Sakichi Toyoda, used  “five whys analysis” for problem solving and is said to also apply it in everyday life.

Here is an example applied to if you want a fur coat.

1. Why do I want a fur coat?—Because I want to surprise everyone.

2. Why do you want to surprise everyone?—Because I want to be noticed.

3. Why do you need to be noticed?—Because I feel insecure.

4. Why do you feel insecure?—Because I cannot realize myself in any way.

5. Why can you not realize yourself?—Because I am doing something I do not like.

So tell me what does the fur coat have to do with it? We started from a fur coat.

What do you think about these whys?

Answer: Whys always lead us on and on. Actually, they lead to the question: “Why do I live, for what, for the sake of what?” And so on. They lead a person either to suicide or to revelation of the Creator.

Question: What kind of why questions would you ask now, to which you would reply “because”?

Answer: I do answer in this way all the time. Why do we feel so bad? Because we are incorrectly interconnected with each other.

Question: Why are we incorrectly interconnected with each other?

Answer: Because we are egoists.

Question: Why are we egoists?

Answer: Because we should go to the Creator with this question.

Question: Why should we go to Him?

Answer: He has all the answers. He has the keys to nature in His hands. He created egoism and created a method for correcting it. Thanks to the method of correcting egoism, we come to the best result.

Question: Does it mean that He is the cause of everything?

Answer: Of course. The root cause and all the causes in general.

Question: If humanity, for example, comes from the question “Why do we suffer?” in five steps to the answer “It is because of the Creator, because He created everything this way,” and then we understand why, then is this the very thing we need?

Answer: This will be the end.

Comment: You also went through those five whys and we have come to the Creator.

My Response: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/4/21

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