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Dr. Michael LaitmanFrankly, it doesn’t really matter what assistance a person is asking the Creator for. The key is to keep asking every instant. May one never forget that there is none else besides Him, the good who does good. May one tie every little thing that happens to him with the Creator.

In fact, a person usually thinks that it’s not the right time to be asking for help, that he is supposed to do something first, succeed in something on his own, carry out some act, and only after that turn to the Creator. But that is all wrong! No actions are necessary. The entire method is intended solely for revealing the Creator.

Hence, the more frequently you turn to Him, the more dependent you feel on Him, the more you bother Him, transferring to Him all the responsibility for everything that is happening to you, the less you need to worry.

According to His program, He will push you away, hide, and place all kinds of obstacles and concealments before you. Regardless, make it a habit to constantly seek and appeal to Him. It is the shortest and most reliable way.

It doesn’t require intelligence, only perseverance. If a person takes such a position and doesn’t lose track of it (with the help of the group’s reminding), then by constantly turning to the Creator, the upper force, nature, he definitely discovers how to appeal, why, and for what. One learns the Creator’s character, which prayers He answers and which He does not. Thanks to his firm desire to enter this communication, the dialogue with the Creator, a person can start clarifying who He is.

This is described as “Do anything that is in your power, but just don’t leave.” That is, we must ask for everything, even without thinking, just a like a child who grabs whatever he may and keeps nagging at his mother: “Give me, give me, give me!” These appeals will give way to the clarification of what really is worth asking for, where the “commandments” and the “transgressions” are in all this, where one is given free will, and what the responses are to his actions. That’s how a person learns.

It’s good that this won’t let you get confused, and you won’t think that everything depends on you or the environment. You will connect all these three “dots” together: yourself, the group, and the Creator, and direct it all in the right direction, to the upper force, to being dependent on Him.

Later on, you will start assessing how you are asking. Are you appealing for your own sake, for the benefit of the others, or for the Creator’s sake? This is how you learn about it on the way.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/17/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. The ant , which is the.. between the serpent teeth…. So it ALL comes from the first restriction! Of course, where could it come else from!

    This really makes a huge sense, the total equalizing sensation. Maybe this is why you were saying at the begining that the Mishpatim were a cure to all descents?
    If this is not the ultimate stabilizing factor it really resemble!

    And the anti-venom is naturally, (at first), the second restriction.

    So in fact one may consider, up-down, that there is no snake at all until the second restriction. Meaning not even the need for a snake.
    Then after tzimtzum bet we have snake, ants, foxes (like the fox who is the “smallest of all animals” ) and all kind of discernment .

    All discernments allowing us, to trace back, from down to up, up to the ant.

    In the same way, the second restriction by itself is…some illusion? All the animals and the discernments dont really exist? Like in corporeality someone bitten by a venomous beast my have fever and fight all kinds of entities in his imagination.

    This is on the tuma side. And from the kedusha side the corresponding quality is the olive?

    Could it be possible that the Mishpatim are not the ultimate wonder of kabbalah and that there are even more wondrous texts? Of course! it is not even possible, its certain! This is huge. Incredible.

    Kol tuv rav
    eli feruch

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