Two Drops Merged Into One

938.03There is an intermediate state between egoistic love for oneself and love for the Creator: love for one’s neighbor. And for this purpose the Creator created this vast world and us, gathered us into a group, into a ten, so that we could learn from our relationships with our own kind what hatred and love, unity and separation, quarrel and reconciliation are.

This is how we get a feeling of what it means to get closer and connect with a friend, and by this example we learn how to get closer to the Creator.

It turns out that our whole world, the whole reality in which we exist, is an exercise, a child’s game. It is written that this whole world is a game that we must use in order to prepare ourselves for a real relationship with the Creator.

Now we are beginning to gradually draw near to the relationship with the Creator and we will be able to see what to pay attention to in this game, how to delve into the game between us, so that we can then realize it in relation to the Creator.

There should be such reciprocity between us that we feel not ourselves and others but a common sense of connection, an interweaving in which it is impossible to separate one from the other and understand who is where. There is one common unity where there is no Creator and no creation, but there is one whole, like two drops merged into one. All personal feelings and ideas of everyone about themselves and others completely disappear. Only one remains, and that’s it.

We are not able to imagine it now because our entire arsenal of reason and feelings is built on the contrast of opposites. And here there are no opposites, only the attainment of unity, which is the ultimate goal of development.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/21, “Love for the Creator”

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