The Concept Of Stones From A Spiritual Point Of View

963.1Question: In the book Prophets the word “stone” is often used. It can be taken in different interpretations.What are they?

Answer: In principle, a stone (Even) from the word “Avana” means understanding, awareness, comprehension. Therefore, in each case, it means the main comprehension of some event.

If it is said that an altar is built of stones, then here it is necessary to realize what a sacrifice is. The bottom line is that a person takes his egoism, builds a special property from it above which he rises, and he sacrifices all his egoistic desires—transforms them into the property of bestowal. This is the sacrifice.

When it is said that the body is buried and the grave is covered with stones, something quite different is meant. The body, as it dies, becomes like the dust of the earth. This means that our desires, with which we worked for bestowal, are finished with now, and therefore we no longer use them.

This is called the deceased, i.e., Izdahechut Ha-Partzuf (weakening of the Partzuf). When there is some Partzuf, a spiritual action, a person stops working with it. He no longer needs to use this desire for bestowal, for love, for communication with others, and therefore it is believed that it seems to die off. Then a new one arises in its place.

A stone placed on a grave symbolizes the fact that a person pays tribute to the past understanding what came of it, and the next stage begins.

In the primary sources, the expression “casting stones” is still found. Naturally, this is not a physical act. “Stone” (from the word “Avana” – understanding, awareness) means that one conquers the other or himself and casts away his previous understandings with new concepts.

In fact, it is enlightening and ascent. The point is that past understandings no longer need any realization and instead a new stage arises.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/27/21

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